Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of very talented women in web series? Particularly compared to the typically male dominated film and television industries. The boom and adoption of women in web series is a complex and interesting topic, one we’ll be visiting in depth at some point, when we feel our heads are sufficiently wrapped around this brilliant phenomena.

For now though, we wanted to cast a spotlight on some of the many exceptional women in the web series world. In no particular order, and starting with the wonderful…

Kylie Sparks (Actress/Producer) @kyliesparks

WHO: Kylie Sparks first caught out eye at the beginning of this year due to her fantastic performance as Esther in Comedy TV is Dead favourite Squaresville. Working alongside Marie-Kate Wiles, Sparks’ superbly dry, quick witted delivery contrasted perfectly with Wiles’ cynical yet energetic Zelda.

WHY: However, beyond Squaresville, Sparks’ prolific work in the web series world – both acting in and producing original and high quality new series’ such as The Walking Tedd and L.A Girls is why we think Sparks’ is such an exciting character to follow.

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