ComedyTVisDead is a weblog devoted to obsessively profiling and reviewing original comedy web-shows, businesses, products and platforms. In addition to new comedy shows, we profile the people using new technology to shake up the multimedia landscape. ComedyTVisDead was created by Dutch Gordon and Robert Griffiths and is edited by Dutch Gordon and Kurt Van Ristell.

Why is comedy on TV dead? The old barriers to entry that stopped potential creators from reaching their potential audiences have been pulled down. The Internet allows anyone with content to share it without boarders and at low-cost, high quality digital cameras allowing real creative control are available for a few thousand dollars and any modern computer is powerful enough to edit a masterpiece. This revolution is allowing an explosion of new creative talent to design, build and distribute comedy shows the way they wish. Instead of waiting in front of a TV to see what will come next, you can take a journey around the internet, finding the shinie comedy gems you love and put them in your pocket for later. TV hasn’t been bringing us great comedy (or anything ese), it’s been holding us hostage and its audience is declining as a result.

We are seeing the end of mass media as it’s previously existed (see: newspaper sales and TV figures) because the top down, authoritarian approach of mass media companies doesn’t compare to the personalised, authentic, timely messages and creations of our peers. But while there is great promise for these new independent producers and the relationships they’re building with their audiences, there are many challenges for them to overcome. This weblog will also be covering the developments that affect those factors, such as how they fund, advertise and deliver their shows.

Like all good web 2.0 services, this site will be a two-way communications medium. Comments and other feedback will be welcome.

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