Big Frame – the media network behind some of the biggest channels on Youtube has launched its latest channel Wonderly, a sub-network in and of itself aimed exclusively at young women. Describing itself as “a place for innovative, female creators and audiences to meet, collaborate, and celebrate each other’s creations”. Wonderly is priming itself as more than just a youtube channel, promising to be an “online and offline home with lots of parts — Featured Channels, a social media feed, a website, a mobile app (coming soon), offline events, videos and more”.

Much like its parent network, Wonderly’s branded presence on Youtube is (currently) feather light, with only one video – an introduction to the network up on their official channel. Wonderly instead seems to be focusing its efforts on building a community on its own website, an eye catchingly self styled home for the Youtube content the sub-network is reliant upon. It’s an understandable move – Their website is a much better structured and more pleasing way to navigate the wealth of content they’re already providing, but it remains to be seen if the choice will indeed help foster the strong, involved and active community Big Frame are looking to grow – with the Youtube community facing greater fragmentation and ever weakening bonds year after year, Wonderly could be just the thing the community needs to pull back together and recapture the tight knit, collaborative feeling that many complain is lacking in years since the services launch in 2005. Here you can check out another post about comedy web series.

Offering users the usual blog activity and social media feed alongside heavily promoted featured channels and videos, Wonderly is notable in its promise to serve a selection of appropriate original web shows to its teen audience. Launching with just one (hell of a) show – Squaresville – we’re excited to see what kind of deals will be made, and what sort of new and original content might be delivered as a result of Wonderly’s emphasis on structured, serialized programming – I can think of several great webshows popular with the right demographic that could benefit from a collaboration with this fledgling network. Having shows like Hipsterhood, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, The Actress Diaries and Squaresville all in one place sounds like a match made in heaven for content producers and advertisers.

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