In January this year, word first came out that Jerry Seinfeld’s phenomenal web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee would be coming back for a staggered 24 episode second season. Season 2, which eventually launched in June ran for an all-too-brief six episodes before going back into hiding, presumably set to emerge some-time in the new year with more coffee and car based shenanigans for its sizable fanbase. Yesterday, on December 12th, word broke that Series 2 would indeed be coming back to the web with six all-new episodes in Janurary 2014… But re-labeled instead as Season 3… Huh?

It could be that this switcharoo is simply a marketing strategy being used to drum up fresh interest in what is unavoidably, a six-month old Series that many will have assumed they’ve already watched. If this truly is the case, then expect a fourth and fifth series to follow over the course of 2014 as per the original 24 episode announcement. If however, this news is an (incredibly unlikely) indicator that Sony are second guessing a 24 episode agreement, it’s possible that any future plans for the series will depend heavily on the success of its third season.

The new series, which will go live on January 2nd, 2014 will be available to watch on Crackle, Apple TV and at

Until then, here’s the teaser for Season 3. Any comedy buffs care to guess who’s voices those are?