• Recently we covered Epidemic Sound – a small yet ambitious start-up from Sweden who are innovating new, affordable and hassle-free ways to license professional quality music for your creative productions. Epidemic Sound’s vast and organised library – which offers subscribers unlimited access to thousands of royalty free tracks – was previously available only to a select number of industry professionals as part of a controlled beta. However, as of December the 19th, the service has opened up and been made available (in a sense) to a wider audience through Epidemic’s exciting new “TrackShop” technology – a service that grants independent, professional and amateur filmmakers alike access Epidemic’s vast library at an extremely fair,  and importantly, royalty free one-off cost.

    We spoke to Epidemic Sound CEO and Co-founder Oscar Höglund about the new service, and just how greatly it can benefit online video production.

    Q: …

  • Back in February we first stumbled uponNext Time on Lonny” – a truly inspired and totally absurd reality TV spoof by created by New Yorker’s Dan Schimpf, and Alex Anfanger (who you may also recognize as the star of Compulsive Love).

    Each episode of “Lonny” begins with a brief but spot-on parody of reality television’s over the top, often forced melodrama, but it’s not long before each episode takes an amazing twist for the surreal.

    Cleverly poking fun at the snappy but disingenuous editing that reality shows use to ensnare return viewers, the meat of the series actually lies in its jam-packed, completely over the top and often insane “next time on…” segments which vibrantly contrast the mundane snippets of interpersonal drama that precede them.

    Featuring everything from full-blown alien invasions to time travel and gang …

  • In January this year, word first came out that Jerry Seinfeld’s phenomenal web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee would be coming back for a staggered 24 episode second season. Season 2, which eventually launched in June ran for an all-too-brief six episodes before going back into hiding, presumably set to emerge some-time in the new year with more coffee and car based shenanigans for its sizable fanbase. Yesterday, on December 12th, word broke that Series 2 would indeed be coming back to the web with six all-new episodes in Janurary 2014… But re-labeled instead as Season 3… Huh?

    It could be that this switcharoo is simply a marketing strategy being used to drum up fresh interest in what is unavoidably, a six-month old Series that many will have assumed they’ve already watched. If this truly is the case, then expect a fourth and fifth series to …

  • Celebrities have been experimenting in web series for several years now, often to mixed success. The low-cost of entry and the creative freedom that web series production allows makes it an ideal ground for amateurs and experienced filmmakers alike, to express themselves without the production overheads associated with television Hollywood film.

    This list highlights not only the bigger and more successful celeb backed web series available to watch today, but also some of the underrated, or under-watched gems that you may have missed.

    #1 – Jerry Seinfeld, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

    Forget the long-running 1990′s sitcom about a neurotic stand-up and his strange assortment of friends for a minute. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is Jerry Seinfeld’s true masterpiece – an absurdly funny and deeply entertaining web series that coincidentally happens to be about precisely nothing. It’s a theme the observational humourist clearly has fun exploring.

    When your series …

  • Jack Black, fresh from co-creating the ”greatest comedy event in the history of human civilization” is set to feature in an all together more arty web series project, the Hollywoodreporter reports.

    Here’s the teaser for Ambiance Man, a web series created by artist Alix Lambert. The series stars Fred Armisen as the title character with Jack Black and Jibz Cameron as Ambiance Man’s nemeses Unidentifiable Odor and Buzzkill.

    Ambiance Man, which was filmed at YouTube Space L.A., will debut with a private screening at MOCA in downtown Los Angeles on Dec. 19. The series premieres online the next day on MOCAtv’s Youtube page, where we’ll get to watch Black ruin tons of vibes only to have Armisen swoop in and restore things to totally chilled out order.

  • On August 29th, we described NewMediaRockstars as “the definitive leader in new media journalism” – a sentiment fitting for a publication of NMR’s sheer size, volume and popularity. Unfortunately this triumphant declaration was one immediately followed by the words “Cease Operations” as NMR’s then lone investor, Ryan DeVitis, pulled the plug on the whole operation, causing the publication to slip into a state of terminal life-support.

    NMR’s wide-reaching coverage ranged from all things YouTube, to industry specific news, scoops and most prominently, in depth, one-on-one interviews with some of digital media’s top independent talents.

    After funding from DeVitis ended, NMR’s active newstream slipped into a state of cessation. It was during this crucial time that NewMediaRockstar’s very own Rockstar – long-standing Editor-in-Chief, Alan Van – donned his signature mask, cape and vibranium shield and took to the streets in search of investors, personally unwilling to give up on …

  • Since Epic Meal Time’s inception back in 2010 a lot of people have had questions, like “how do they manage to eat that much bacon?”, is “Muscle Glasses dead?” and “what’s Harley hiding under that beard?” but a lot of people have just been wondering what’s that tune?

    The Answer

    The answer that the now famous Epic Meal Time theme is just one of a number of tracks from Co-Pilot’s Pro Score.

    Pro Scores features hundreds of music design elements such as atmospheres, strings, drums, crescendos and music hits for creating cinematic moods. Pro Score is as viable an option for low budget web creators as it is large because it is completely Royalty Free. For example you can make a movie with Pro Scores and sell the movie forever with no additional fees. Of course, Pro Scores may not be used (in any part, edited or not) with templates or …

  • When we covered the all-singing, all-bitching web series, Destroy The Alpha Gammas in our preview, we said it “brings some much welcomed variety to the web series scene. Condensing the glitz, drama and light-hearted comedy of Glee into a single 7 minute bite, and fuelled by some catchy top 40 tracks, it’s obvious that a lot of thought, care and hard work went into this series.” Last week, we named series creator, writer and star, Leah McKendrick, as one of our coveted ‘women to watch in web series’, due, in no small part, to how astonishingly lush and varied Destroy The Alpha Gammas is.

    Blending a Glee-style musical feel with a Mean Girls level of caustic behaviour, and successfully making it shine within perfectly balanced 7 – 9 minute episodes of web series is no mean feat. I caught up with Leah to ask her …

  • I was watching On the Heated Floor..

    I was just watching a short independent Canadian web series called On the Heated Floor. The series revolves around two friends, Charlotte and Beatrice, who with mere days left until they’re unceremoniously evicted by their “big jerk” landlord, have decided to spend some quality time together reliving moments that characterised the best times they’ve had together. While it’s not the worst series in the world, it did give me time to start tidying my desk and scouring my extensive to-do list.

    Co-creators and stars, Rebecca Davey and Marie-Claire Marcotte’s successful crowd-funding campaign for the series included very little detail about what the series would entail, rather it focused on the positioning of the show and on the shared history of the double act. The shows origins lie in its creators desire to represent, well, the “female brain” as they put it; the creators state that “as women [they] …

  • Legends state it all began in the 1970′s…

    Gustav “Skip” Landen, then professor of Cinema and Photography at New York State’s distinguished Ithaca College began an unusual, longstanding and extremely popular tradition when he dreamed up the “Golden Doorknob Awards” – a yearly filmmaking challenge in which the venerable professor tasked his students with one simple objective – “Make a very short film that presents the most imaginative way to kill someone with a doorknob”

    “Here’s the gist: somebody or something experiences death by doorknob”

    This year, a creative team made up of the College’s Film and Television majors banded together to subvert the popular tradition whilst also honouring it in a playful and certainly promising way. Re-purposing the short films produced by past entrants, the team under direction from Ithaca Graduate and three times Golden Doorknob Winner Josh Rimmey will be bringing the legend to the …