Since Epic Meal Time’s inception back in 2010 a lot of people have had questions, like “how do they manage to eat that much bacon?”, is “Muscle Glasses dead?” and “what’s Harley hiding under that beard?” but a lot of people have just been wondering what’s that tune?

The Answer

The answer that the now famous Epic Meal Time theme is just one of a number of tracks from Co-Pilot’s Pro Score.

Pro Scores features hundreds of music design elements such as atmospheres, strings, drums, crescendos and music hits for creating cinematic moods. Pro Score is as viable an option for low budget web creators as it is large because it is completely Royalty Free. For example you can make a movie with Pro Scores and sell the movie forever with no additional fees. Of course, Pro Scores may not be used (in any part, edited or not) with templates or files that are redistributed to artists or editors such as website templates, stock sites or project files.

Buying a musical library like Pro Scores is still one of the best ways to add drama and a professional polish after you’ve gone through all the complimentary sound effects and loops that are included with popular editing programs and have frankly been used to death, although we have heard that Epidemic Sound is planning on making an alternative subscription model.