First Look: Missing Something
Kurt Van Ristell
Nov 26, 2013

“Missing Something” is a vibrant and energetic new British comedy from Brother Brother productions in collaboration with Three’s Company. The series was successfully Kickstarted in April this year, and episodes one to three just became available to watch on YouTube.

Described as a “Brand-new super-fast British comedy webseries, charting the bizarrely chaotic life of a 20-something Londoner dragged into the gaming industry” Missing Something is quite unlike your usual web series. Wearing its influences proudly on its sleeve, the eccentric and offbeat series is best summed up as “The IT crowd” re-imagined by Edgar Wright after staying up all night watching Nathan Barley with Noel Fielding.


Of the three episodes and pilot available on YouTube right now, the dialogue is tight, breathless and delivered with absolute perfect comic timing (particularly by the amazingly likeable Leila Sykes), whilst the editing and cinematography are of an exceptionally high quality and work in conjunction with one another to not only fuel the verbal humour but add to it with some enjoyable visual gags, references and punchlines.

Most impressive is the show’s brisk pacing, which lends the series a unique visual style (often ramping the speed to cut the fluff and get to the next joke ASAP) and manages to cram an unbelievable amount of content into each 4 minute installment without actually feeling rushed.

On top of these accomplishments, the talented team behind the show are promising (and so far, delivering on) a wealth of interlinked “cross-platform” content such as bonus material, spin-off content within the main series, and other goodies to hunt on the web. Sound confusing? It is, and that’s sort of the appeal. Series co-creator Yaz Al-Shaater explains -


The stories and subplots spread across the episodes, and branch out into the internet, linking to dozens of other microsites, videos, and social media accounts. Follow the cross-platform stories and you’ll stumble across certain twists before they appear onscreen, see the secret cogs* underneath the plot, and even get to influence certain elements of plot through your actions. Hints to find these extra stories are in the episodes themselves, and on the website… but to find them all, you’ll have to hunt hard.

Enjoyably made, visually dynamic, hilariously fun to watch and brilliantly acted, Missing Something is a very promising new series – excitingly, filmmakers/Brothers Haz and Yaz Al-Shaater are successfully building up an intricate, rich and deeply layered universe with every new episode – thankfully it’s a universe I can’t wait to delve into and experience more of.

If your web series schedule feels like it’s missing something, then that something that’s missing is probably Missing Something. What? Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

You can follow Missing Something on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Pilot episode embedded below. Enjoy.