Women to Watch in Web Series – Part II
Kurt Van Ristell
Nov 23, 2013 (Modified: Nov 26, 2013)


Tiffany Ariany (Creator/Producer/Writer/Actress) @TiffanyAriany

WHO: Tiffany Ariany rounds out the list of Squaresville stars who are on the rise. Starting with a small role on the show as Shelley, a once popular girl who ruined her credibility and as a result, re-kindled her childhood friendship with Zelda; Ariany’s part in the show grew, steadily, allowing her to really sink her teeth in and have fun portraying a surprisingly complex and interesting character.

WHY: Ariany may be a talented actress, but that’s not where her calling lies. Ariany has been writing, directing and producing content as well as starring in it for quite some time now, helming a variety of productions from short films to documentaries to episodic web series. Her most recent venture, L.A Girls stands out as a confident, beautifully produced and extremely capable parody of the popular HBO show. Ariany is an exciting figure to watch because she has the undeniable talent to create a great show, and the right connections to bring some of your favourite faces on board to fill out the its cast.

NOTABLE WORK: L.A Girls, Squaresville

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So wonderful to be included! Thank you so much!

Just one clarification, though, Standard Action is most definitely my own series, where as Space Cab is not - I am helping to produce it and will probably appear in it, but it is the brainchild of Vancouver comedian, writer and actor Eric Fell.


Thanks for the clarification. I had some difficulty digging up info on the new series - I'll update the post to reflect! Looking forward to seeing some Space Cab regardless.