Concluding Tuesday’s two-part list of Women to Watch in Web Series has been a joy. Though we can only watch, review, discuss and praise so much in one calendar year, we believe this to be a robust, diverse and well rounded list, which we begin with the exceptional…


Teal Sherer (Writer/Actress/Producer) @TealSherer

WHO: Teal Sherer is perhaps best known for her role in The Guild as Venom – the villainous substitute teacher/Axis of Anarchy guildmember. Working alongside the likes of Jeff Lewis and Felicia Day, Sherer’s solid performance and exceptional comic timing often stole the screen. Collaborating with veteran Guild director Sean Becker on her own series, My Gimpy Life, Sherer proved her talents once again, starring as a slightly exaggerated version of herself in one of the most well produced and roundly enjoyable series to hit the web in ’12.

WHY: Sherer’s writing, production and acting credits on My Gimpy Life are impressive enough, but her collaborative and communicative abilities on top of these achievements make her a force to be reckoned with. Working alongside director Becker and writer Uhr on one of their best projects to date, Sherer’s dedication and professionalism are clearly not to be underestimated. Successfully helming a $59,000 Kickstarter Project for Season 2 of My Gimpy Life, Sherer is surely set to deliver a knockout repeat performance when the series eventually goes live.

NOTABLE WORK: My Gimpy Life, The Guild