a first class breakup - diary of andrew

Very often, while writing for this site, I come across shows which have been made with very little budget. It frequently bewilders me how some creators manage to do so much with so little. Khyan Mansley’s new series Breaking up With Linda is perhaps one of the most extreme examples of ‘less is more’ in web comedy. Performed as a vlog, from the point of view of a character called Andrew Lemming, the series charts his increasingly neurotic attempts to break up with his awful girlfriend. And that’s it! That is the entire series. All you ever see is Khyan’s face in extreme close-up and a blurry room behind him, and all you ever hear is his voice. Zero budget, cast of one, and almost no editing.

I’ve mentioned the talents of Mr Mansley before, and his comedic abilities have found a brilliant outlet in his YouTube  channel. The second channel he created for Andrew Lemming shows an even more stripped-down, writing-focused Mansley. But, I am sure you are asking, is the show any bloody good? Well, dear reader that is exactly what I am here to answer.