As we announced a couple of weeks ago, Space Janitors have recently been running an Indiegogo campaign to get all the funding they need for their third season. Well, the campaign is now finished, and even though they really deserved to get all $75,000 (Canadian) they were asking for, they only got just under half that amount, making $30,615 total.

Having already received money from the Independent Production Fund, Space Janitors needed the extra $75k to make up the shortfall between that and what they wanted to do. A series as reliant on sets, extras and special effects as Space Janitors certainly needs the funds to back it up. However, it’s not clear right now whether the money they have got is more or less than what they had for their rather excellent second season. Either way, I’m sure they’ll make good use of the money, but it is always disappointing to see web series’ not meeting their financial needs, especially ones as high-quality and popular as Space Janitors. Just over 500 people funded the new season of Space Janitors. But episodes in their second season have generally received over 50,000 views each – if even half that number of people funded the show on Indiegogo, they’d have 200 times the number of backers.

But is this really down to fans not caring enough? How much money can any of us expect in a crowdfunding campaign during a recession? Should web series’ start expecting, or even asking for, less money than they’d like? Should creators be setting their sights lower and making do with what they have? Tell me all your opinions in the comments below. All of them.