Over the next couple of weeks Reckless Tortuga will join an elite club of YouTube Channels and pass the one million subscribers milestone, not bad for five years hard work. Having already scored big followings with Psycho Girlfriend, Henchmen and their flagship series Online Gamer (to name but a few), they’ve just launched an extension series to the latter called The Clan on Machinima Prime.

If you’re not switched on to Online Gamer yet, the series follows  Aaron (Eric Pumphrey) who has taken his love of gaming to extremes and makes himself a social outcast. The Clan follows the same formula but has added production value and some new characters..  Although they are trying to appeal to a broader audience with their new offering, it’s difficult to see what’s that different about it as they don’t seem to be casting their creative net too far away from what their already doing.


I’m certainly curious to see how the two shows will interact with each other but I don’t say these things as a negative. Online Gamer is more than worthy of its unofficial title as a male foul mouthed take on The Guild and The Clan is a likeable edition to their 200 plus videos. This is a natural evolution of the series and having followed their work since the early days it’s remarkable to see just how much they’ve achieved over the last few years.

In an interview with Tubefilter Reckless Tortuga’s Jason Schnell discussed how The Clan fits into the Online Gamer universe.

Everything that happens in The Online Gamer directly effects The Clan and vice versa. Typically when you see a spin-off, some portion of the cast headlines the new show and then that character’s storyline is continued on the new show. With The Clan we wanted to try a different approach. So we wrote episodes for Online Gamer that directly tie to The Clan and try to make it more of a crossover then a spin-off.”

Episode one has already notched up over 100,000 views in a couple of days and episode two goes live on April 27.


You can pull up a comfy chair and corner camp the next episode on Machinima Prime, and follow @recklesstortuga

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