Comedy TV is Dead

Comedian Brody Stevens has seen all his hard work pay off recently, his web series Enjoy It has been picked up for a 12 half hour episode series on Comedy Central. The six part HBO Digital series was shown last summer, the documentary style show charts the emotional ups and downs of the life of a stand up comedian (Stevens) as he attempts to gets his life back on track following a public nervous breakdown.

The new longer incarnation will consist of 6 brand new episodes and the existing six will be extended with unused footage to meet the half hour running time. Executive produced by Hangover funny-man Zach Galifianakis as well as Stevens Enjoy It! should be broadcast over the summer.

After he filmed an episode for Comedy Central’s ‘The Half Hour’ he was approached to front a new web companion series called Push and Believe. Produced by Comedy Central’s CC: Studios each of the planned 17 episodes focuses on a comedian prior to their performance on The Half Hour and Stevens gets to put his notorious positive energy to good use. New instalments are uploaded every Monday and Wednesday, episode one features Dan Soder and the two guys shoot the breeze while occasionally feeding each other doughnuts on a hotel bed. Parkinson this isn’t.


Speaking about the new series Stevens said; “I’m as excited as I can be while on 300 milligrams of Lamictal. My life has always been about POSITIVE ENERGY and I’m looking forward to all of COMEDY CENTRAL’s fans following me on Twitter at @BrodyismeFriend.  America — get ready to PUSH AND BELIEVE!”

I’m not hugely familiar with the all the offerings on Comedy Central but as Stevens is referred to as “a comedian’s comedian,” or “the greatest comedian you’ve never heard of” I don’t feel too bad for only just discovering his brand of comedy. Whilst I warmed to Enjoy It! quite swiftly I’m not entirely sure what to make of Push and Believe but I’m oddly compelled to continue watching.

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