Comedy TV is Dead

Benny and Rafi Fine have been creating online content since 2004, their very first YouTube upload was action figure parody G.I. Joe The Epic Saga. The popular videos were greeted with several cease and desist orders from toy company Hasbro but that didn’t prevent the brothers from making their online presence felt.

“For us, being online even from the start was always about not just doing things like everybody had been doing forever on TV or film. It was to do something different,” said Rafi Fine

Emo Dad might be their first full animated series but they previously delved into animation in 2011 for their Charlie Brown Spoof. Reuniting with production company Two Animators!, Emo Dad has just launched its first episode which you can check out below.

Best known for their insanely popular ‘React videos’ the brothers are keen to develop a brand and break into narrative content. The first Kids React to Viral Videos was uploaded back in 2010 which stuck a chord with audiences everywhere, this has gone on to become their flagship series and over the years has spawned the spin-offs Teens react, Elders React and YouTubers React.


Building on the success of their ‘React’ franchise the brothers first narrative comedy took the form of MyMusic a mockumentary web series. Set in a transmedia production company, The Office style sitcom finished its 34 episode run in January, attracting over 14 million views and notching up 9 Streamy nominations. Featuring guest appearances from Matt Walsh, Shane Dawson and Felicia Day, their first foray into scripted comedy was a huge success.

Being a massive movie geek my personal favourite of all their offerings is their brilliant Spoilers series, from Harry Potter to the complete run of Doctor Who nothing is safe from their rapid fire videos that completely spoil movies for you. If you’ve yet to see Spoilers check out the very first episode below.

“We put the ‘new’ in new media. That’s what we always like to say,” Benny Fine

Their future plans include a second season of MyMusic in addition to more scripted content, in a recent interview the brothers were optimistic about what the coming twelve months would bring: “This year we plan to expand even more, creating more shows than ever before – somehow we’ll find a way to make it happen.This year we hope will also be the year we finally get a show on TV.”


Just like fellow hard working YouTuber Julian Smith, the Fine Brothers have kept quality at the forefront of all their work. As they steadily added new shows to their channel this extra workload hasn’t effected the standard of their existing shows. They have now employed 4 members of staff but their success was born out of good old fashioned hard work:

“Workaholism? Seriously though, we’re in an exciting time right now in the business of online video and doing everything we can to keep growing out our production company, and if that means putting in 18 hours a day 7 days a week, then so be it to get us to that next level.”


Currently they have close to 3 million YouTube subscribers and over 575 million views across all their content. New videos are uploaded every Sunday and Thursday and you can get up to date with all their latest projects by subscribing to the Fine Brothers on YouTube and follow them on Twitter

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