Women to Watch in Web Series – Part II
Kurt Van Ristell
Nov 23, 2013 (Modified: Nov 26, 2013)


Amy York Rubin (writer/producer/actor) @Ayrubin

WHO: Amy York Rubin is an experienced producer and filmmaker who stepped into web series to buck the creative restraints inherent in working for clients in political, corporate and social video scene.

WHY: Writing, producing and starring in the terrific Little Horribles, Rubin has succeeded in three distinct ways.

Initially starting with a short, almost sketch style format, Little Horribles’ simple yet charming early episodes stand distinctly apart from the sophisticated and layered narratives present in later instalments – Rubin approached the short format with a cautious restraint yet was unafraid to develop and improve her series once it proved popular.

Furthermore, her experience and founding position at Barnacle Studios – the exciting new “crowd-sourced production company” – means that Rubin is able to bring a wide range of collaborative talent on board for her series, including the likes of Ingrid Jungermann and Issa Rae.

For her ability to create connections, aid production and form links between creative independents who might never otherwise work together, Amy York Rubin is perhaps one of the most notable personalities in web series today.

NOTABLE WORK: Little Horribles

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So wonderful to be included! Thank you so much!

Just one clarification, though, Standard Action is most definitely my own series, where as Space Cab is not - I am helping to produce it and will probably appear in it, but it is the brainchild of Vancouver comedian, writer and actor Eric Fell.


Thanks for the clarification. I had some difficulty digging up info on the new series - I'll update the post to reflect! Looking forward to seeing some Space Cab regardless.