Women to Watch in Web Series – Part II
Kurt Van Ristell
Nov 23, 2013 (Modified: Nov 26, 2013)


Liz Ellis (producer, director, writer, editor) @ElizabethGEllis

WHO: Liz Ellis is part of the creative team behind Wrecked, season 1 and 2, and one of the founders of Honey Toad Studio, “a new production company based in the Puget Sound area focused on the emerging relationship between storytellers and internet audiences”

WHY: Before praising Liz Ellis for the achievements she’s contributed towards and personally accomplished, it’s necessary to also mention fellow Honey Toad founders Nathaniel Buechler, Charley Pope, Taylor Crockett and Nathan Whitehouse. Though Ellis created the deeply enjoyable Wrecked, was instrumental in establishing Honey Toad Studios and lent her talents towards a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, on top of reaching out and promoting her new series through comprehensive and surely exhaustive PR work… Ellis’ modest disposition would have her take very little credit for her hard work. When talking about her involvement in these matters, Ellis goes to great lengths to ensure credit is given where credit is due.

However, it’s important to note that unlike her fellow Honey Toad founders – Liz Ellis has made her stance on the emancipating power of the independent web series very clear. When pitching the second season of Wrecked to Kickstarter audiences, Ellis explained that in her opinion, creating a web series was an in fact, an act of defiance – one capable of wresting power away from the established media entities and towards the freethinking individual. Ellis’ own views on this subject are the very same as ours – which makes her a pioneer in our eyes.


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So wonderful to be included! Thank you so much!

Just one clarification, though, Standard Action is most definitely my own series, where as Space Cab is not - I am helping to produce it and will probably appear in it, but it is the brainchild of Vancouver comedian, writer and actor Eric Fell.


Thanks for the clarification. I had some difficulty digging up info on the new series - I'll update the post to reflect! Looking forward to seeing some Space Cab regardless.