Women to Watch in Web Series – Part II
Kurt Van Ristell
Nov 23, 2013 (Modified: Nov 26, 2013)


Leah McKendrick (writer/producer/singer/songwriter/actor) @leahmckendrick

WHO: Leah McKendrick is the very definition of a fast rising star. Not content with the titles of actress, singer and songwriter, this year McKendrick tried her hand at writing and production via her astonishingly well made debut web series “Destroy the Alpha Gammas“.

WHY: Built upon a warmly familiar premise – a college life/sorority feud comedy with Glee-like musical interludes, Destroy the Alpha Gammas is the sort of idea that begs the question – why didn’t anybody think of this sooner? The truth is that despite the series’ roots trailing back to the familiar, the tried and the tested, Destroy the Alpha Gammas undeniably breaks new web series ground.

It’s no coincidence that the star behind such a glossy, pop-inspired triumph has a history steeped in musical creativity and expression. McKendrick collaborated with some serious talent to bring her series to life, but it’s her own passion for the subject that shines through when you’re watching. McKendrick has the talent and potential to be a huge name in web series, if she isn’t snatched up and locked into a “lucrative” network contract first.

NOTABLE WORK: Destroy The Alpha Gammas

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So wonderful to be included! Thank you so much!

Just one clarification, though, Standard Action is most definitely my own series, where as Space Cab is not - I am helping to produce it and will probably appear in it, but it is the brainchild of Vancouver comedian, writer and actor Eric Fell.


Thanks for the clarification. I had some difficulty digging up info on the new series - I'll update the post to reflect! Looking forward to seeing some Space Cab regardless.