Animated Sci-Fi Fun As ‘New Eden’ Returns from Mid-Series Break
Michael Record
Nov 11, 2013

Airing on YouTube thanks to Channel Flip (via the HuHa channel, which I have fawned over before), animated space farce, New Eden, is all set to resume the curious sci-fi antics of Murray and Hamilton. The show has been breeding spores since March to the tune of over 80k views and, after a mid-season break, is back with more alien tomfoolery.

After surviving a crash into a (wrong) planet, two starship crewmen, being the laid back American, Murray and the anxious Brit, Hamilton, realise that they may be all that’s left of humanity. Which is a pain, because there is plenty of murderous and lustful alien life that want to heat, destroy or hump them on this random rock they nose-dived into.

The show is written by Brett Snelgrove who said he wanted to create a sci-fi series that was neither suckling from the teat of Lucas or Roddenberry, nor content to laze its way through clichéd parody material. The result is a show that uses the sci-fi setting as a broad stroke backdrop in order to allow all sorts of colourful hi-jinks to occur. Coupled with the innate incompatibility of Murray and Hamilton, what is left is a kind of Odd Couple in Space, similar in vein to the seminal BBC sci-fi sit-com Red Dwarf, except with flash animation and all the joys that come from that; animation which comes courtesy of Freek van Haagen and Lee Daniels.

The series returned for the second half of its first season on Wednesday 6th November and has introduced some new characters in the mix in the form of two more survivors. The Scottish engineer (ok, so that’s definitely taking a cue from somewhere!) who has already gone native; shunning clothes and taking on the alien terrain and tribulations with a naked glee. With him is the mysterious Ivana. She would rather be a loner, and may have had links with various black markets that might explain the predicament our quartet find themselves in.

The introduction of new characters is a welcome one as it will help add some extra comedy mines to be dug for the show. The episodes range between 1:30 – 4:00 minutes and I lean more towards those that last a little longer as these manage to explore the concept to a satisfying level rather than the more punchy ‘one joke’ shorter episodes.

More on the show to come but in the meantime, you can read a whole bunch of interesting info on the New Eden website, follow its Twitter feed for the latest news, or follow on Facebook to break up your news feed of pics of da kittehz and friend’s babies. Plus, you know, the HuHa YouTube channel. Obviously.

New Eden – Episode 1: You’d Never See This On Star Trek



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