ComedyTVisDead’s Top 13 Comedy Web Series Halloween Specials!
Michael Record
Oct 29, 2013

1) Convos With My 2-Year-Old

This brilliant series showcases real conversations between Vancouver based filmmaker, Matthew Clarke and his young daughter, Coco, with the part of Coco being played by another ‘fully grown man’. The result is often surreal but always funny.

Well, the second series is now in full flow and we have a Halloween Special to enjoy. This has the slightly different intro text of ‘a mostly actual conversation with my 6-month old son, as re-enacted by me and a zombie’. As to be expected, it’s a little more exaggerated than normal, but still lovingly made and hugely enjoyable.


2)      Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat is a long running animation series created and drawn by British artist, Simon Tofield. Featuring the simplicity of cat behaviour in the feline quest for food and affection, its charming minimalistic style has won it many fans since launching in 2008.

halloween-simons-cat copy

3)      Ashens

The Ashens YouTube channel is billed as ‘Comedy and Technology from Stuart Ashen’. His Halloween Special for 2013 features an increasingly frustrated look at the cheaper side of Halloween merchandise.


4) Far From Subtle

Fans of video game events, and the construction monolith, Minecraft, in particular, can enjoy a special Halloween episode uploaded by the YouTube Channel, FarFromSubtle; a channel dedicated to the mantra of ‘Video Games are AWESOME’!


5) Tim Helsing and Redshirt Films

If you want your comedy horror web series then the superb I Am Tim is where you should go. My good friend, colleague, and sharer of unspeakable private acts, Mr Gabriel Neil, wrote a stupendous review of the show here. I Am Tim has already uploaded two seasons of low-budget Shaun Of The Dead style fun, but a trailer for season 3 has just gone live.


In addition, Redshirt Films (of which Tim Helsing is part) has uploaded a Halloween special of Nights At The Round Table – a scripted tabletop gaming comedy show (with the tag-line of ‘A Dungeons and Dragons (ish) Rom-Com. So. Much. Content!

6)      Angry Video Game Nerd

Whilst billed as a Halloween episode, this latest rant from James Rolfe isn’t strictly speaking Halloween-y. Unless you count the review of the terrifyingly bad ‘Alien 3’ game. Which I do. Some great camera flair here and solid comedy anger.


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