Epic Rap Battles of History Season 3 Kicks Off In Series Tradition – Pits Hitler Against Vader Once Again
Kurt Van Ristell
Oct 9, 2013 (Modified: Oct 10, 2013)362 Views

YouTube sensation Epic Rap Battle of History is back for a third season, returning with flair only 5 months after Season 2′s epic finale went up in April. As is series tradition at this point, Season 3 kicks off with yet another verbal throwdown between Adolf Hitler – histories most iconic and reviled fascist dictator – and Darth Vader… A Disney Villain.

From what we’ve seen of Series 3 so far, Epic Rap Battles’ standout visual style is thankfully intact. Instead of going high budget for the sake of spending some of their considerable YouTube cash, EpicLLOYD and Nice Peter have maintained the delightfully silly blend of shoestring budget Halloween outfits and lo-fi green-screenery to keep things light-hearted and fun, even as the lyrics veer from intelligent wordplay to outright vulgarity.

Opening with some amazingly cheesy CGI, and sneaking a few interesting cameos in for good measure, Adolf and Darth’s third duel of words is easily the best yet.

Interestingly, the newest series looks to be ever so slightly more popular than the last. According to YouTube statistics, Series 3 opened with roughly 1.6 million hits on day one, compared to Series 2′s 1.4 million (ish).

With 3.3 million views in only two days, Season 3 is off to a promising start. You can watch the debut episode below, and catch up on past series at the ERB’s official YouTube Channel.


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