Indiegogo’s Flexible Funding Makes New Web Series “Rom.Dot.Com” a Reality
Michael Record
Oct 7, 2013 (Modified: Oct 8, 2013)

Set to launch on October 14th is a new web series about finding love….for other people.

Rom.Dot.Com follows the life of failing 20-something Kate. Her boyfriend dumped her, her job as a journalist has disappeared, and she had to fall back on living with her grandmother; a women pushing for marriage at every opportunity. How does Kate attempt to get out of this rut? By taking the only writing job she can find: ghost writing dating site profiles for other people. The concept was inspired by a real Craigslist ad looking for just such an employee.


Rom.Dot.Com. is written by Suzy Evans and funding was sought through an Indigogo campaign. Despite the total collected being only just 50% of the $10,700 sought, the crew were able to proceed with production at a reduced budget thanks to Indiegogo’s Flexible Funding option. The show will debut on YouTube next week.

Rom.Dot.Com’s trailer seems to hint that the show won’t deviate much from tried and tested formatting (i.e. it looks like the web series medium is that of convenience more than design), although the amount of stunningly good-looking people is strangely high. Clearly the casting director has been hiring from the high-end of the genetic spectrum.

I initially thought that the character of Kate would be given an existing profile to re-write and the show would be a vlog ‘getting my life back together’ journey for the audience, but in the trailer we see her meeting the actual love-seekers themselves. She gets them to list characteristics, and then tries to put a positive spin on the resulting crazy to make their profile sound even remotely appealing. This format will lend itself well to a ‘let’s meet a new weirdo a week’ style, which certainly sounds interesting.

Kate will be played by Mikaela Feely-Lehmann, most recently seen on Broadway in Cyrano de Bergerac, opposite Tony winner Douglas Hodge. The remaining cast will be rounded out by: Keith Rubin as Lester, Kate’s new boss instructing her in making the loveless loved up; Kay Copeland at Elizabeth, Kate’s best friend and co-confidant; Elaine Barrow as the grandmother with pairing off on the brain; Nick Ryan as Kate’s smug ex-boyfriend, Jared; and Megan Lynch as the ‘I’m more than successful than you and I’ll mention it every second I can’ needle in Kate’s side.

You can visit the Rom.Dot.Com. website for more information and / or watch the trailer on YouTube (and embedded below). And not forgetting Facebook and Twitter, not that such a thing is possible. Lastly, the Rom.Dot.Com YouTube channel has some content to tide you over, including ‘Worst Date Ever’ vlogs from the cast.

Rom.Dot.Com.: Trailer