Squaresville Stars Launch L.A. Spoof of hit HBO show ‘GIRLS’
Michael Record
Aug 8, 2013 (Modified: Aug 9, 2013)727 Views

Spoof web series, ‘L.A. GIRLS’, debuted on YouTube yesterday, taking the iconic young women from HBO’s hit show, ‘GIRLS’ and warping them into Los Angeles versions.

Kylie Sparks in L.A. Girls

“I could so do porn!” whines Hannah (played by Sparks). Any further captioning would be obscene.

The show features vacuous L.A. exaggerations of the lead characters, with Hannah and Soshana played by Squaresville stars Kylie Sparks and Tiffany Ariany. Also starring is Rya Meyers (Pretty Little Liars, The Flip Side) as “Marnie”, and Victoria Bullock as “Jessa, with a special guest-star appearance from fellow Squarseville alumni, Austin Rogers (for more information on Squaresville, read our glowering review here).

Sparks and Ariany told Comedy TV is Dead that they hit it off immediately on the set of Squaresville and were “eager to collaborate on a project”. Ariany came up with the idea of L.A.GIRLS and then brought on Matt Blessing, a graduate of the film program from the University of Miami. He co-wrote the series with Ariany and directed all five episodes. Ariany and Blessing share an Executive Producer credit while Sparks has a Producer credit.

Spoofs are clearly the name of the game because I am already very excited to see Sparks in upcoming zombie parody, The Walking Tedd (check out our interview with the cast and crew for more information). Undead teddy bears aside, GIRLS has been a humongous success for HBO by detailing the lives, and mistakes, of New York women in their early twenties who exist in that key window of life where they are too old for their parents to keep supporting them financially, but too young to have the experience needed to make sound judgements.

Tiffany Ariany as Shoshanna in L. A. Girls

The show has won extensive praise for its humour and identification of a missed age-range, but also drawn some criticism by those who feel a show about the supposed trials of entitled white young women isn’t making any real point about these people.

Either way, clearly the material was ripe for parody and it wasn’t a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’. By shifting the focus from cosmopolitan New York to the vapid and false L.A., Ariany and Blessing should have a surplus of ammunition to fire at their larger than life creations.

Rya Meyers as Marnie, uncomfortable with her boyfriend


The first episode, which went live yesterday introduces us to the four girls, starting with Hannah (Sparks): a delusional struggling actress. Financially cut off by her parents she is forced to navigate the Hollywood scene without the safety net of family money; despite her loud scene-making threats that she will have to turn to porn to make ends meet. Meanwhile, Marnie (Meyers), an aspiring filmmaker, tries to maintain a relationship with her psychotic boyfriend who seems too happy to lounge around in Marnie’s sleepwear.

On the other side of town, Jessa (Victoria Bullock), a Venice Beach hipster (with a South African child in her luggage), moves in with her step-cousin, Shoshana (Ariany), a Beverly Hills Jewish Princess who is super excited to be BFFs with Barbara’s Streisand’s best ‘non-Jewish’ friend. First impressions are that we are going to hate these characters, and in a good way.

Personal space problems with Victoria Bullock as Jessa

The episodes of L.A. GIRLS will be short and concise (the first episode is just under 5 minutes) but are written to be plot focused over the short run of five episodes, as well as sending up the source material at every opportunity.

The remaining four episodes to come will follow our erstwhile anti-heroines as each of them experience various struggles caused by both their own empty-headed neediness and the OMG nature of their social circles. We have been promised everything from “failing Hollywood aspirations, revelations about their sexuality, and strange physical symptoms that could potentially be a deadly disease”.


Fans of the show GIRLS may recognize some spoofed story lines, but those not familiar with the HBO show can still follow L.A.GIRLS since it stands alone as an exploration of the stupid and selfish. A new episode will be uploaded every Wednesday and you can subscribe to L.A. GIRLS on YouTube, like their Facebook page, follow @LAGirlsShow on Twitter, or get in on the Tumblr action here. You can also watch the first episode below.


L.A. GIRLS – Episode 1: “Judaism, Nepotism, and Broken Dreams”


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