Preview: My Synthesized Life Winces You In The Voice Box
Michael Record
Jul 26, 2013

Episode 2 of new cringe comedy show, My Synthesized Life, was released yesterday (Thursday 25th) and I’m not sure what to ma-AAAA-aa-AAAAA-aaa-ke of it.

Brought to us by Nate Golon (the man behind Workshop: the first independent half hour show to get picked up by online hosting site, Hulu), and starring Brent Bailey (’Whitney’, ‘Republic of Two’) the concept seems simple enough, if somewhat bizarre. Jimmy Bales is an average office worker hung up on his ex-girlfriend, Beth. Whilst rushing to work so as to make a big presentation, Jimmy gets in a car accident, during which he electrocutes himself on the stereo just as an auto-tune rap song is playing. Now, whenever he is stressed out, his voice naturally sounds like it is being mangled through a synthesizer, much to his irritation.

With two episodes out already this amusingly strange premise appears to actually be little more than a gimmick in which to stimulate awkward cringe humour. See Jimmy crash and burn in his big work presentation! See Jimmy crash and burn in talking to girls at a party! You know, the kind of humour where the people who get the better of a befuddled character have an exaggerated cruelty to them so that a sound mocking can ensue.

This all sounds rather harsh considering I am mutely enjoying My Synthesized Life so far, I’m just not sure if the premise won’t get old pretty quickly. However, the trailers make it clear that many more characters are going to be introduced, including some established TV stars like; Barrett Foa (‘NCIS: Los Angeles’); Stacey Oristano (ABC Family’s ‘Bunheads’); and Marissa Janet Winokur (Tony Award winner for Hairspray). That combined with the sheer amount of promotional shorts on the show’s YouTube channel (39! That’s a lot for a show that only has two episodes!) indicates that My Synthesized life isn’t going to simply sit on its laurels and lets the cringe fans just come to it.

Stay tuned for a review proper once the show has finished. Episode One is below for your thoughts and you can follow My Synthesized Life on Facebook and Twitter.

My Synthesized Life: Episode One – “Freak”