This month, the nominees for the annual Canadian Comedy Awards were announced, and we here at the Death Sta- I mean Comedy TV is Dead, were delighted to see the familiar name of Space Janitors in the lineup.  The brilliant work put into the first 2 seasons has really payed off,  they have been nominated for four awards: Best Web Series, Best Direction in a TV or Web Series (for this fantastic episode from season 1), Best Male Performance in a TV or Web Series (for Scott Yamamura‘ s portrayal of Dennis the clone) and the entire cast is up for Best Ensemble Cast in a TV or Web Series. (also up for an award for Best Female Performer is Comedy TV is Dead favourite InSAYSHAble).

Needless to say we here wish Space Janitors all the best, not that they need it, having just been given funding for a 3rd season by the Independent Production Fund in Canada, which has helped fund their first 2 seasons. It seems Space Janitors’ momentum is not slowing down in the slightest. Their second season is already well underway, and showing itself to be the equal of the first one – I for one would not be surprised to see Space Janitors become another breakout success for the web series industry.

As series co-creator Davin Lengyel said back in April their strategy of “flying their indie” banner has stood them in very good stead, as has their innate knowledge of their audience. Even with a casting change in season 2, Space Janitors is still getting very respectable views on YouTube. However, despite all the success, the perennial web-series problem of funding still haunts Space Janitors, and they are asking their audience for the rest of the money they need for season 3 of Space Janitors. They have set up an Indiegogo campaign looking for $75, 000 Canadian (around £46,700), less than half of the projected budget for season 3. If you’re ambitious with your series, you need to have money to back it up. We’ll be keeping an eye on the campaign here, and we hope, for the sake of having great comedy online, that they get all they need and more.