Comedy TV is Dead

Zombieland, the fairly successful 2009 Zom-Com (Not to be confused with Shaun of the Dead the British 2004 Rom-Zom-Com) was originally written as a television pilot, but later expanded into a fully fledged feature film, owing to the usual studio uncertainties (if only they knew how big The Walking Dead would be?)

Earlier this year Amazon Studios, as part of a drive to bring some high quality original comedy to its platform picked up the series, greenlighting a pilot to run alongside five other series pilots in some kind of incredibly sick, highly entertaining gladiatorial fight to the death. That’s right – only the most popular pilot is going to become an actual series.


Yesterday the Zombieland Pilot went live and… was near impossible to watch thanks to technical hiccups. Today, if you click on these words right here you can (probably) watch the pilot in its entirety, and by doing so, take part in an exciting experiment in crowd-sourcing. Or something. We all know you just want to see people say funny things whilst smashing undead skulls in with household appliances.

And that’s perfectly alright.

♦ End

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