Comedy TV is Dead

Alloy Digital are already an online giant and have risen to become one of the most powerful networks with it’s ‘under one roof’ approach to web content. Featuring the popular likes of Crushable, Gurl, Teen, The Escapist, The Gloss and ClevverTV, not to mention they’re the owners of Smosh which has the bragging rights of being the most subscribed channel on YouTube. In a new deal worth millions they have just purchased Digital Broadcasting Group, in a statement regarding this unprecedented merger Ally Digital’s CEO Matt Diamond said;

“This acquisition instantly creates a powerhouse modern media company, building on a platform agnostic content and distribution model that reflects the rapid pace of change in consumer media consumption. in a short period of time, Alloy Digital has grown multiple entertainment brands that now reign among the digital generation’s most favoured.  With the added muscle of DBG’s impressive video and CLiP platform we are further realising a vision for delivering compelling content directly to both consumers and advertisers and effectively monetizing the value of our top content brands in a new media world.”

The standard of both companies original content is very high and their distribution platforms are first rate, it’s not known what this acquisition will blossom but we can’t wait to see what creative the future holds for Alloy Digital. Digital Broadcasting Group have a stellar catalogue of their own that includes Seth Green’s Control TV, Geek ETC and gritty thriller The Confession which stars John Hurt and Kiefer Sutherland. Co-founder and CEO  Chris Young will remain an active part of the business as the chief marketing officer.

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