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Fullscreen have taken some massive steps since their launch just over two years ago. Already a pioneer for empowering video creators on its network, last year’s announcement that they were setting aside $1 million in marketing assistance appears to solidify their commitment to long term success.

The Million Dollar Creator Fund has been established to help some of its video partners promote and advertise their channel. Starting December 1st 2012, every month four channels will be chosen to get up to $10,000 to help promote their video work.

In an interview with The Wrap CEO and founder George Strompolos spoke positively about the exciting initiative;

“We initially considered having a production fund. We’ve realised we can most effectively support our partners not by financing or co-producing — though we do some of that — but by injecting a bit of marketing to catalyze what they’re doing. Our producers have been able to hone their craft but aren’t being seen by a large audience.”

According to the Fullscreen blog the four awards categories are;


Newcomer Award

The most promising new channel that joined the Fullscreen network.


Growth Award

The channel with the most viewed video that month.


Gorilla Award

The channel with the most creative and well-produced video submitted to a recent Gorilla campaign.


Network Submission Award

The channel with the most entertaining video submitted to the main channel of a Fullscreen niche network (e.g. TinyGalaxy, MomPulse, World of Dance, Arcade, etc.)

What is interesting about this approach is how self serving it is, I say this in a positive light as the increased views on one creator’s work in principal should benefit like minded channels. The inclusion of new channels will entice newbies to the network and the award for embracing their successful Gorilla campaigns has been set up to ensure the channels start mixing together.

Currently there’s over 5000 channels on the network so competition for funding is fierce, The Creative Fund will undoubtably inspire the content creators to work hard and fully embrace the ethos of the network. The use of cross promotion and their Gorilla marketing campaigns has already seen a marked improvement in the views of medium sized channels, so this latest evolution does seem to be showing the early signs of working.

For all the latest Fullscreen updates check out their blog.

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