Comedy TV is Dead

Episode one of a new web-series called StepFriendz, just hit the internet. It’s about 3 minutes long, and serves as the first installment in a coming ten episode series. It definitely has something for you if you’re a regular frequenter of college humour or cracked.

It stars Brian Donnelly and Mike Varejao, two Boston improvisers.

Cheery music overlay the opening credits: “Hi, I’m Mike. And I’m Brian. Growing up, we were best friends! But then I went off and married his Mom”. In chorus: “And we’re step friends”. That’s right, best friends growing up are now father & step son, through a strange marriage and bizarre attraction. It’s definitely a great and childish setup for comedic tension.

Right out of the gate, you’ll notice how energetic and engaging the acting is but you’ll also definitely feel the lack of variety in shots and cuts, which doesn’t serve to make episode one look that great.

You can follow Mike here and Brian here. Via YouTube.

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